Fullfilling Our Purpose

Sing Your Song, Inc. fulfills its mission through two major programs:


Every child deserves a theatrical education.   Yet participation in youth musical theatre usually comes with a price tag.  SYS offers scholarships to ensure that young people with an interest in musical theatre have an opportunity to participate.  

Applicants submit an essay on the importance of the performing arts, a financial profile and participate in an interview with several board members.  Our primary interest is to help youth who might otherwise be unable to benefit from the performing arts with an experience they’ll never forget. 

To learn more about scholarship opportunities, please click here.  

Collaborations with Schools and Musical Theatre Organizations

SYS also offers financial assistance to local schools and musical theatre organizations to assist with the costs involved in launching a workshop, class or musical theatre production. 

To be considered for funding from SYS, a school or musical theatre group completes an application (including a financial profile) and interviews with a panel of SYS board members. SYS will then assess the applicant’s needs and determine the appropriate funding.

To date, SYS has provided funding to San Diego-area organizations staging youth musical theatre productions.

SYS collaborated with Breakthrough Workshop Theatre on their production of Songs for a New World.

SYS collaborated with the Theatre School @ North Coast Repertory Theatre on two productions- Les Miserables and A Tale of Two Cities.

SYS collaborated with the BlueRose Theatre Project, a local youth musical theatre organization, to help underwrite two of their productions - The Wizard of Oz and Les Miserables.

SYS collaborated with San Diego Junior Theatre to put on a musical production at a local elementary school.

At Saint Michael’s school in Poway, SYS underwrote the production of Seussical, the Musical, with 40 students participating as cast and crew.

To learn more about collaborating with Sing Your Song, please click here

“No one has yet realized the kindness and generosity hidden in the soul of a child. The effort of every true education should be to unlock that treasure.”
~Emma Goldman

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