Sing Your Song

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Praise for Sing Your Song

FP Contracting, Inc. understands how musical theatre can enrich and enhance a young person’s life.  Our company was honored to recently support Sing Your Song with a significant charitable donation. We give Sing Your Song a standing ovation for exposing more of San Diego’s youth to the performing arts!
Ron Folcka, Former President, FP Contracting, Inc.

As a small start up youth theatre company, Sing Your Song proved to be an incredible resource to our organization.  Sing Your Song is invaluable to the community and BlueRose Theatre Project is honored to work with them.”    
~ Siobhan (Founder and Executive Director, BlueRose Theatre Project)

Nicholas and Lauren’s director gave them the encouragement and confidence to succeed on stage. Andy (the choreographer) must be an angel to have gotten Nicholas to succeed in not only accomplishing the dance moves but in being able to move at the same time as everyone else!  It was a great experience for them both. They would love to do another show!
~ Lisa (parent)

I recently experienced a dream come true, thanks to Sing Your Song!  For years I have been thinking about how amazing it would be to be in a musical.   But money was an issue.  Sing Your Song saw that I really wanted this, and gave me a full paid scholarship to participate in a production of ‘The Wizard of Oz.’”  
~ Karen (Scholarship Recipient)

Our cast and crew were blessed with many God-given talents, and they worked tirelessly for many months in preparation for their performances.  I am most grateful to them for their hard work and perseverance.  I thank all of the parents who supported them in this effort, as well as Sing Your Song and San Diego Junior Theatre for making this dream a reality.  May this be the beginning of many more theatrical productions at St. Michael’s School!”   
~ Kathleen (Principal, St. Michael’s School)

Sing Your Song has truly blessed us. My daughter has been wanting to do musicals for some time. When she brought home the flyer for ‘The Wizard of Oz’. I read through it and realized the tuition would be a problem for us. The recession has changed our lifestyle significantly. Being a Sing Your Song scholarship recipient made her dreams come true. She learned new skills, made new friends and found every person to be extremely helpful and friendly. I am very thankful to Sing Your Song for giving her this opportunity!”     
~ Ginger (mother of a scholarship recipient)

Theater doesn’t just teach students how to sing and dance and act.  Theater teaches life skills: hard work, respect, teamwork, commitment, discipline, collaboration, dedication, and self-worth.  For some children, theater is the first place where they feel like they belong, or that they’re truly good at something.   Thank you, Sing Your Song, for bringing the arts to Saint Michael’s.”
~ Richard (Director, Outreach Program with Jr. Theatre)

“We thoroughly enjoyed working with Sing Your Song on the recent production of ‘Seussical, the Musical’. The ability of the artistic team to work with kids to develop their abilities in musical theater is outstanding. My child grew in her singing, dancing and acting abilities, and most of all, in her confidence in herself. “
~ Sue (parent)

“Mr. Richard came to our school to help us put on ‘Seussical, the Musical’. He is a lot of fun to work with, and I learned a lot about theatre and acting. We had a great time!”
~ Claire (student, age 12)