The History of Sing Your Song

Since 2001, Julia and Alexa Querin have been involved in numerous youth musical theatre productions and classes throughout San Diego County, working with many talented and gifted individuals. It was during this time that Julia and Alexa developed a passion for helping youth interested in musical theatre achieve their goals and dreams.

In 2010, Julia and Alexa collaborated with Junior Theatre to produce a musical for a local elementary school.  Putting on the production of Seussical, the Musical was not only an extremely rewarding experience, but it also marked the beginning of Sing Your Song.

Sing Your Song, a non-profit, 501 (c) 3 organization, was created in 2011 to expose youth throughout greater San Diego to the performing arts (musical theatre in particular).  We accomplish our mission by providing scholarships for youth who do not have the financial resources to participate in youth musical theatre, and by helping provide funding for productions coordinated by area schools and youth musical theatre organizations.

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